Humla Sees Continuous Snowfall

Cold has abruptly increased with the snowfall continued for two consecutive days in Humla. The snowfall took place in the district for the second time this year. First time it occurred on November 3 this year.

Raj Bahadur Bohara, a local, temperature has fallen sharply in the district with the snowfall continued for Sunday and Monday. Temperature has decreased to minus seven degree Celsius in Humla.

Snowfall has whitened the entire northern Humla district. People are making fun of the snowfall. Even the farmers became very happy with the snowfall on Sunday morning in the opportune time of crop cultivation.

The snowfall will help make the barren land cultivable at a time when there was a long spell of drought, locals said. Though Humla’s weather is clear since this morning, the mountains have been covered with thick snow causing the fall in temperature.

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