Immediate Supplies Of Chemical Fertilizer From Bangladesh Unlikely

The 50,000 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizer that the government was expected to bring from Bangladesh is not likely to be supplied anytime soon.

The Nepal government had agreed with the Government of Bangladesh to bring the urea fertilizer after the country witnessed a shortage of fertilizer during paddy seedling planting time.

Though the heads of the governments held telephone talks over the issue some two months ago, a formal agreement to this end is not made so far.

For delay in finalizing the process, shortage of chemical fertilizer is likely to use it for wheat farming too, knowledgeable persons argued.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Dr Hari Bahadur KC said that this seems time consuming despite the preparation to bring the chemical fertilizer during the time of wheat seeds sowing season.

He said that companies from both the countries are preparing to sign a deal on chemical fertilizer procurement.

Once the agreement is signed, the fertilizer procurement process will begin with the approval from the council of ministers meeting.

The deal is expected to sign in the second week of November and bring in the fertilizer in the third week of this month.

If things go as planned, the fertilizer could be imported to Nepal from third week of November.

He said that it is taking more time for lack of a clear notice from Bangladesh on supply of fertilizer to Nepal.

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