Industrial Area Affected By Lockdown, Production Capacity Curbed To 70 Percent

Production capacity of Industries of Hetauda Industrial Area has been curbed down as government has imposed restrictions as pandemic spreads.

The production has been cut down after the imposition of restrictions from Sunday night. It is running just 70 percent of its actual capacity.

Industrial management said that the industry is mainly running in the dayshift meanwhile it is being run partially in the night shift as well.

Area Manager of Management of Hetauda Industrial Area Rajendra Kandel said that the industry has been running under 70 percent of the capacity. He said that the industry has been consuming 70 percent of electricity from its usual consumption. He informed that Industries have confined their employees and labor within their industrial premises.

30 industries have been closed out of 112 industries after this Covid Prohibitory measure of government.

However, remaining industries have continuously been running as there is a continuous supply of raw material as well as smooth supplies of finished products in the markets. It can cut down the production if there is a contraction in demand of its production due to continues lockdown.

The local administration has provided transportation facilities to laborers and employees. It has helped to continue the production. Kandel said that there will be no option of closing the industry if demand starts to go down in the coming days.

Antarctic biscuit of Hetauda Industry will be resumed again from Thursday. The local administration will facilitate the transportation of employees and laborers. One plant will be run in the day as well as the night shift.

Industrial Administration coordinator Ramhari Neupane informed that there will be around 80 staff including labor and employees despite its capacity of more than 300 employees.  He said that the industry will run with the help of local employees and laborers.