International flights to be allowed from Sept 1 with safety protocols

The Government of Nepal has allowed airlines to operate international flights from 1st September, 2020. Passengers (Nepali nationals and foreigners alike) will be allowed to fly out of Nepal freely, whereas only Nepali nationals, foreign diplomats, and representatives of United Nations and other development partners will be allowed to enter Nepal, either in chartered or regular flights.

International tourists will be barred entry and only 500 passengers will be allowed to enter Nepal per day until further notice.

According to Yubaraj Khatiwada, Minister for Communication and Information Technology, “the government has decided to resume regular international flights with countries where PCR test facilities are easily accessible”. For example, Nepalis arriving from countries such as Australia, Malaysia, UAE, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, the United States, Canada, and other European countries, where PCR Tests are readily available, Nepalis and other listed foreigners will be allowed to enter Nepal via regular flights.

However, passengers arriving from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, where PCR Tests aren’t easily accessible, will have to return home via chartered flights.

Furthermore, the government has entrusted airlines with ensuring passengers are carrying:

  1. A rcently completed PCR Test Report (72 hours before arrival),
  2. Confirmation of Hotel Booking for 7 days,
  3. And a copy of the form from

“If the passengers are unable to follow compliance, the airlines will have to bear all costs towards the passenger’s quarantine”, Minister Khatiwada has warned.

Meanwhile, the government is unable to come up with any decision regarding resumption of domestic flights as several districts of Nepal are undergoing ‘prohibitory orders’.

The government has also said that Nepali nationals willing to fly out of Nepal can do so freely – provided chartered or regular flights are available. The government has also requested passengers to be aware of the entry conditions/regulations of the country they wish to fly to.