Jhapa farmers stage protest throwing chickens and eggs on road

Photo: Bishnu Prasad Pokharel

Farmers of Jhapa have staged a protest by throwing chickens and eggs on the road at the Mukti Chowk of Birtamod, Jhapa.

A few chickens died while farmers threw them on the mid-road.

Spread of chickens and eggs that broke on being thrown on the road affected road operations for some time.

Farmers said that the illegal import of chickens and eggs from India continued even after they drew the attention of the concerned authorities. The illegal import snatched the market from them and caused the price to lower. And they said that they are unable to pay interest to banks.

According to a leading farmer, Devendra Prasain, after nobody gave attention towards their problem they started a protest by throwing chickens and eggs on the road.

‘Until reaching the road nobody cares so we staged a protest on road with our production,’ he said.

Farmers have complained that due to middlemen their productions are unable to reach the markets and when products reach the market, farmers get a very low market price.

They claimed that traders sell an egg for Rs 15 by buying it for Rs 7 to 8 from farmers in Nepal.

A few days ago, farmers in Chitwan had thrown vegetables on the road to protest illegal vegetable import from India.

Source : TRN,