Lawmaker Arun Kumar Chaudhary sent to jail

House of Representatives (HoR) member and Nagarik Unmukti Party Whip Arun Kumar Chaudhary has been sent to custody.

Lawmaker Chaudhary in a fugitive list had been absconding for nine years. He was arrested on Thursday afternoon from Banke and presented before the Kailali District Court at 10:00 am today before sending him to Dhangadhi jail with the completion of required procedures.

Chaudhary was elected a member of the House of Representatives from Kailali constituency No 4 during the November 20 elections.

It may be noted that acting on a case filed against three people, including Chaudhary in the Kailali District Court on August 18, 2010 on the charge of setting a tractor (Lu 2 Ta 211) on a fire on August 19, 2009. The court on April 22, 2013 convicted him on the offence and sentenced the three with a jail term of six months.

The court also ordered them to compensate the victim with Rs 818,423. (RSS)