Leopard Killed In Fight With Another In Nuwakot (Photo Feature)

A leopard has been found dead at the Tarakeshwor Rural Municipality of Nuwakot District.

According to the chairman of ward n. 5 Chuda Mani Gajurel, a male leopard was found dead in the forest area of Kattike Community Forest of Gorsyang.

Locals have handed over the dead leopard to the Ratmate Sub Forest Division Office.

According to the locals, two leopards were fought on Tuesday night in the nearby jungle of the village. According to the ward chair, Gajurel, at that time villagers were panicked for around 10 minutes while both leopards were fighting. At last one leopard fell down from a cliff then the only situation become calm.

The next day in the early morning, locals have found a dead leopard more than 150 meters down from the place where leopards were fought earlier at night. Locals have reported it to the police and a team lead by Suresh Gupta, Forest Officer at Sub Division Forest Office Ratmate began to research and found the reason behind the death of the leopard.

According to Gupta, there were two male and a female leopard (leopardess) and while a male went with the female leopard, another leopard may have also chase them and try to mate with the female leopard. “At that time the first leopard might have attacked and killed the second one.” He said.

Leopard was buried on the same day. 

Source : TRN, Photo : TRN,