Madi Municipality Allocates 100 Bigha Land For Ayodhyadham

Madi municipality of Chitwan has allotted land for the construction of Ayodhyadham.The executives’ meeting on Tuesday decided to allocate 100 bigha land for the construction of Ayodhyadham.

Municipality mayor Thakur Prasad Dhakal shared that 100 bigha land of present Ayodhyapuri Park has been allotted for the construction of Ayodhyapuridham at ward 8 and 9. “If any technical problem arises in the use of the allotted land, we can utilize around 50 bigha land of Southern Ayodhyapuri of ward-8”, he added.

Dhakal said the municipality has also decided to arrange land at Pandabnagar in ward-1, Devendrapur Southern Temple area in ward-7 and Ganeshkunja in ward-9.The master has been prepared for the construction of Ayodhyadham, he said, adding the Detail Project Report would be developed soon.

“The municipality is continuously working to facilitate and manage the tasks for Ayodhyadham construction as per the directive of the Prime Minister”, Dhakal added.

Source: RSS,