MNTV Hall of Fame – II: Bijay, Ronish and Namsang advance to Top-9 category

Kathmandu, Nepal:

MNTV Hall of Fame in its seventh episode has successfully completed its first round of ‘Challenge Round’. From the eight participants participating in the round, three have advanced to the Top-9 category – namely Bijay Sunar of Butwal, Ronish Shrestha of Dharan, and Namsang Rai of Hong Kong.

In the challenge round, all participants were required to sing one of the judges’ songs – Darpan Rijal and Ronish Shrestha sang Deep Shrestha’s famous “Mero Aankhama”; Dinesh Gurung, Namsang Rai and Suren Limbu sang Bivek Shrestha Kandara’s popular “Hong Kong Pokhara”; and Bijay Sunar, Sandip Ghahatraj and Sanjeevani Maharjan sang Rajina Rimal’s melodious “Ma Marne Belama”.

Ronish Shrestha advanced in Deep Shrestha’s song, Namsang Rai in Bivek Shrestha Kandara’s Hong Kong Pokhara, and Bijay Sunar in Rajina Rimal’s Ma Marne Belama.

The trio, after progressing to the Top-9 will compete with the other six advancers.

MNTV Hall of Fame has also thanked the other participants, and has wished them the best in their musical aspirations.