MNTV Hall of Fame – II: Top 3, all with their own unique story

Kathmandu, Nepal

The final episode is tomorrow – a lifetime of dreams, and weeks of hard work, it will all boil down to how the Top 3 participants, Bijay Sunar, Purna BK, and Tika Magar perform in the Grand Finale.

However, before the grand finale, it is important to gain a little perspective into their individual stories:

Bijay Sunar:

Bijay Sunar, Butwal

For Bijay, he was living in Butwal – following his musical passion online during the pandemic. He used to perform at restaurants and bars mostly, but owing to the lockdown, at the time, that wasn’t possible.

One day, his sister sent him an advertisement for MNTV Hall of Fame – II. He acted on it, and then sent his video audition. Soon enough, he was selected in the Top 50. Then in the top 27, then in the Top 9, and in the Top 6. After a stunning performance in the Top – 6, he is all geared to put up his best performance tomorrow in the grand finale too.

Purna BK:

Purna BK, Lalitpur

Purna has a deep seated passion for music, and despite the difficulties in his life, he always makes time for his passion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Lalitpur – during the day he works in the construction sector, and in the evenings he sings at a local restaurant Sailung Rodhighar. However, for the things he loves – that is his family and music – he always has time, even after a tiring day.

His wife too is very happy and proud with Purna’s musical journey in MNTV Hall of Fame – II, and has wished him the best in the grand finale.

Tika Magar:

Tika Magar, Ilam

Tika’s story is as beautiful as his voice. Born in the Eastern hills of Ilam, Tika used to perform in school and local community programs – and was loved by all.

As he grew up, he had to go abroad to Malaysia for employment, but he didn’t let his musical aspirations die. He would sing after his shifts, and once the pandemic hit, he found himself in a difficult position. He returned home in July, and once he saw the ad for MNTV Hall of Fame – he sent in an audition clip.

The rest is history, and today, he is very excited about reaching the Top – 3 of MNTV Hall of Fame – II.

These three will be performing in the Grand Finale of MNTV Hall of Fame – II tomorrow. Who is your favourite, don’t forget to watch the show tomorrow.

MNTV Hall of Fame – II
8 PM (Nepal Standard Time)
MNTV Australia YouTube Channel or Himalaya TV