Nepal Army Saves Bagmati’s Spur Dikes From Erosion

One of the spur dikes in the banks of the Bagmati River in Rautahat’s Rajdevi Municipality Ward No. 9 has been on the brink of getting swept away by the river current.
Torrential rain since the last four days has greatly increased the flow of the river, thereby putting Spur No. 1 of the Bagmati river dam under threat.
The spur dike was weakened due to stream bed scouring and erosion but thanks to the efforts of the Nepali Army, so far, the damage has been avoided.
“A team of the Nepal Army has been on high alert for the last two days, relentlessly working to prevent the erosion of Spur No. 1,” informed Dhirendra Kumar Singh, Mayor of Rajdevi Municipality.
Security personnel have filled the gaps in the spur created by the river’s force with plenty of sandbags.
Meanwhile, the residents living in the banks of Lalbakaiya River and Jhanjh River are under the risk of flood. Every year during the monsoon, locals are in the mercy of flooding. Every year the same story repeats itself without any safety measures to protect the inhabitants or keep such natural calamities in check.

Source : TRN,