Nepal Ranked Eighth Best Destination To Visit

The famous travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet has named Nepal as one of the 10 best destinations to visit in 2022.
The book has ranked Nepal eighth out of 10 countries and specifically mentions the district beyond the mountains: Mustang.

A CNN article featuring the top 10 picks describes the magazine’s choice this way: “It is nearly impossible to discuss Nepal without talking about Mount Everest. But this Himalayan nation has so much more on offer for travellers who are not climbing the world’s highest mountain.”

The article adds, “In the remote region of Mustang, trekkers can explore the high desert and meet locals at homestays along the way, dining on Nepali specialities like coffee with yak butter and momos served “kothey” style.”
The South Pacific nation of Cook Islands tops the Lonely Planet list followed by Norway at number 2. Mauritius, Belize and Slovenia complete the top five. The latter half of the list includes Anguilla, Oman, Malawi and Egypt at numbers six, seven, nine and 10 respectively.

Source : TRN,