Nepal receives lowest recorded snowfall in 30 years

In the Himalayan region, Nepal has observed lower snow coverings compared to previous years. Meanwhile, the mountains are barren and black instead of the usual snow-capped panoramic view for which the mountains are popular.

Since 1991, winter rainfall has been the lowest this year and the same is the condition of snowfall in Nepal this year.

During winter season, Nepal receives about 60 mm of rainfall on average but this year’s precipitation is assumed to be nowhere near the average figure. However, Nepal received only 0.1 mm of rainfall during the winter season till now, as per the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

According to Dharmaraj Upreti, a meteorologist, less rainfall in winter means will make a direct impact on winter crops.

Climate change is one of the main factors behind the lowest snowfall in Nepal while the mountains are said to be losing their glaciers at the fastest rate due to rising temperatures.

Meanwhile, tourist destinations such as Kalinchowk, Daman, Phulchowki and other snowy hills are deserted this year as the locations haven’t observed snowfall this year.

Winter season is considered the peak tourist season in these hills as domestic and international tourists visit these popular locations for vacation and to enjoy the snowfall.