New cases of Covid-19 in Kathmandu continue to soar

Kathmandu Valley (File Photo/Nepalese Voice)

On Friday, Kathmandu recorded 1,638 new cases of Covid-19 in Kathmandu Valley alone – the highest single day spike ever.

Of the 1,638 new cases, 1,280 cases including 470 females and 810 males were detected in Kathmandu, 196 cases including 80 females and 116 males were found in Bhaktapur and  162 cases including 77 females and 85 males were recorded in Lalitpur.

On Thursday, Kathmandu recorded 943 new cases of Covid-19 in Kathmandu, the valley’s biggest single day spike until Friday arrived.

Kathmandu Valley has been witnessing a surge in number of new cases everyday – exhibiting strong signs of community transmission. As cases soar, government and public seem unconcerned.

Market places have opened up, vehicular movement has increased, public health safety measures such as avoiding crowds and wearing masks are flouted – and within all it seems the government has given up on fighting the disease.

Earlier, health authorities had suggested re-imposing the national lockdown if active cases reached 25,000 – Nepal is on its way towards that, and if we are unable to flatten the curve, the number is imminent.

As Dashain, Nepal’s biggest festival approaches, public health officials have warned that increased inter-district travel may further excaberate the health crisis in Nepal – guidelines of travel, and their implementation measures are still awaited.

Nepal has imposed one national lockdown which lasted two and a half months, followed by more than 60 districts imposing prohibitory orders in their respective districts (including Kathmandu Valley) to curb the spread of Covid-19, however these measures were largely ineffective.

The public, noticing two lockdowns were ineffective in controlling the spread of Covid-19, are unconvinced about a third lockdown. The failure however, must be attributed to the state, as both lockdowns were imposed without a modality to flatten Nepal’s, or their’s district’s curve.