Nishan Bhattarai’s voice and Melbourne’s scenic views: MNTV’s latest production ‘Lai Bari Lai’ an instant hit

Melbourne, Australia:

If you put together Nishan Bhattarai’s melodious voice and couple it with beautiful scenes from Melbourne – what are you going to get?

An instant hit of course.

Released on Friday, 18th December, 2020, MNTV Entertainment’s latest production ‘Lai Bari Lai’ has been received very well by viewers. It has received more than 115,000 views within 48 hours – and counting.

Featuring beautiful Melbourne backdrops, the lyrics of the song have been provided by Navaraj Sharma. Nepal’s iconic and highly celebrated artist Nishan Bhattarai’s vocals adds what in Nepali language we would say “Sun ma sugandha”, which is a metaphor for “adding more beauty to something that is already beautiful”.

The musical video, which has been directed and composed by Melbourne’s renowned and talented videographer Jeewan Rashaili, features Rahul Gajmer and Resha Sapkota as models. The duo are seen gracefully dancing alongside a rich Melbourne background.

Speaking to NV, Jeewan Rashaili thanked MNTV Entertainment for allowing him to pursue his video aspirations, and shared his pride on the new release.

Watch the full video here: