One can vote showing citizenship, passport or national ID card: EC

Arrangement has been made for the voters to cast their votes in the local level election to be

held on Friday by showing voter identity cards, citizenship certificates or national ID card or passports or land ownership certificate.

Issuing a statement, the Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday informed that the voters included in the final voters’ list can cast their votes showing their voter ID cards or original copy of citizenship certificate, national ID cards, or passports or land ownership certificates.

EC’s Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel said the voters could cast their votes in the local poll by showing any of the above certificates, but their name will be tallied with the voter’s list. Similarly, the EC said that the Local Level Election Directive, 2022 has made various arrangements to conduct the election in a free, fair and fearless manner.

However, the polling officer should not allow the person who has consumed alcohol to enter the polling station even if he is a voter, EC added.

Source : TRN,