Over 21 Lakh People Vaccinated Against COVID-19 In Nepal

As many as 21 lakh people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 so far, according to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).

The first phase of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 was started on January 27 and the second phase of the campaign is underway.

On the question about which age group was inoculated, Dr. Jhalak Sharma Gautam, chief of the National Immunisation Programme said that the vaccination campaign was carried out on a priority basis.

He said that 438,000 people including health workers, sanitation workers, and journalists working in the front liner have been vaccinated in the first phase. Out of them, 362,000 people have already been vaccinated with the second dose.

Gautam said that a total of 21 lakh people have been vaccinated by both Indians and Chinese vaccines so far.

Gautam replied that he does not have any information about the initiative to bring more vaccines from India and China.

He also said that the Russian Ministry of Health had approved the vaccine and that he was not aware of the campaign procuring the Russian vaccine as well.

Saying that Nepal doesn’t have minimal stock of vaccines against COVID-19, Chief Gautam added that the appeal has been at some centers for vaccines.

“We need ‘Vero Cell’ vaccine. 372,000 out of eight lacks have received their jabs so all of them will need second doses as well. So, there is minimal stock now” Gautam added. He said that the rest of the vaccines would be given to those involved in essential services.

The aged people have been on the priority for vaccination on all types of vaccines given in Nepal so far.

No children under 18 have received the vaccine in the country till now as the doses are made and tested only for adult people.