Over 500 climbers attempting Nepali peaks this season

A total of 500 climbers from 62 nations shall be scaling Nepal’s mountains this autumn. The climbers, 123 females and 377 males, from six continents except Antarctica have received permission to climb 12 mountains till Wednesday.

Of them, the largest number, 51, is from the United States of America. Similarly, the second-highest number, 34, is from France and the third-highest, 33, is from the United Kingdom.

Likewise, 17 people from Nepal’s northern neighbour China are going to make attempts on Nepal’s peaks too. There are climbers from Russia and Ukraine too. There are 19 climbers from Russia and four from Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are currently at war with each other and the former has been heavily sanctioned by the western countries.

From these climbers, the government has collected more than Rs. 55 million in royalties including Rs. 46.2 million from Mount Manaslu and Rs. 3.5 million from Mount Everest.

In addition to these two mountains, the 10 other mountains the government has collected royalties from include Mount Chandi, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Dhaulagiri II, Mount Ganchenpo, Mount Gyaji Khang, Mount Himlung, Mount Kumbhakarna, Mount Nuptse, Mount Pumori and Mount Saribung.

The autumn season is considered the best time to climb Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth-highest peak. That is why the largest number of climbers – 404 individuals from 38 teams – have applied to attempt an ascent on the peak.

Source : TRN,