Over 60 Tonne Waste Collected From Sagarmatha Base Camp

The Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) has collected a total of 60,039 kilograms, that is over 60 tonnes, of waste from the Sagarmatha Base Camp region this spring mountaineering season.
According to information released by SPCC, it collected 25,866 kilograms of burnable garbage, 22,803 kilograms of human waste, 6,079 kilograms of kitchen waste and 5,291 of non-burnable garbage from the base camp area this climbing season. Of that, 55,676 kilograms of trash were collected from the base camp itself while 4,363 kilograms were collected from above areas.
The Committee informed that its staff had already brought the collected waste down from the base camp and transported it to the proper waste management facilities.
SPCC is the body responsible for managing the waste generated by expedition groups in the Khumbu Region. It primarily collects waste from the Sagarmatha Base Camp, the launching pad for expeditions to Sagarmatha, Mount Lhotse, and Mount Nuptse. This year, there were 404 permits issued for the world’s highest peak, 131 permits for Lhotse and 38 permits for Nuptse.
SPCC requires all expeditions to submit their garbage to the Committee Office at the base camp.

Source : TRN,