People’s Faith Increasing Towards State Government: Chief Minister Rai

State-1 government Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai has said people’s faith was increasing towards the state government.

He said this while releasing a book on the mid-term review of the state government here on Wednesday.

The book has been launched on the occasion of the state government completing 30 months in office, half its five-year term.

It is aimed at publicising to the public about the works carried out and the achievements made by the state government so far. The book is prepared by the Province Planning Commission.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Rai said the government has earned the trust of the people of the Tarai, hill and the mountainous regions. He pledged to fulfill their aspirations for development.

“Important administrative and legal structures as well as bodies as the investment board, the province planning commission and the province public service commission, among others, have been formed until the mid-term period since the formation of the state government,” the Chief Minister asserted.

Stating the state government has to carry out development works with limited means and resources at its disposal, CM Rai claimed that the people were excited to see development coming at their doorstep. He further said a directive has been issued to prepare a project bank at the earliest for promoting the economic development of the region and providing employment.

The Chief Minister also said that the state government would organize an investment summit with the participation of the domestic and foreign investors once the coronavirus pandemic subsided. He opined that the COVID-19 has sapped the state economy’s resources while claiming that the government has worked effectively in the prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic and in the treatment of the infected people.

He said the State-1 was doing excellent in terms of the budget-spending indicators.

Mentioning about the agreement signed with the federal government regarding expanding the runway of the Biratnagar Airport to 3,000 metres, he said once this project is completed it would contribute to the promotion of tourism in the province.

Chief Minister Rai also on the occasion called for comments from the 137 local governments and 14 district coordination committees in the province regarding correcting any shortcomings indicated by the mid-term review and to carry out works with new thinking.

Vice-chairman of the Province Planning Commission, Subodh Raj Pyakurel said the planning commission was working with the objective of bringing happiness in the faces of the people by making them educated and self-reliant.

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Hikmat Kumar Karki, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Indra Bahadur Angbo, Minister for Social Development Jeevan Ghimire, Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forests and Environment, Jagadish Prasad Kushiyat, among other officials were also present on the occasion.

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