PM For Effective Programme For Minimizing Tiger-Human Conflict

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has directed the authorities concerned to introduce effective programmes to limit wildlife-human conflict, including tigers.

Speaking at the 7th meeting of the National Tiger Conservation Committee held at the Prime Minister’s Baluwatar residence on Saturday, he said special attention should be paid to protect the tigers in order to preserve the life cycle.

The Prime Minister emphasized on the need to prevent poaching of tigers and protecting people living near the tiger habitat.

“Food for the tigers needs to be ensured in the protected areas, only then it can get to eat without any foul play,” he said.

The Prime Minister also called for a study to determine the number of tigers in the mountain, hills and tarai, and to know about their status. A policy should be adopted to ensure that development construction works do not affect the wildlife.

Nepal has realized the decision taken by the St Petersburg conference to double the population of tigers, he said.

The meeting discussed efforts made and progress achieved in tiger conservation in Nepal and to continue special programmes for tiger conservation in the future.

Decision were also taken to garner more resources, set up wildlife hospital and rescue centres, and expand the habitat of tigers and amend related guidelines and directives.

To lay more emphasis on tiger conservation, the meeting also decided to organize a Prime Minister Tiger Conference on coming July 29.

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