Pokhara Branded ‘Pure As Paradise’

The Gandaki provincial unit of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has announced a new brand for the beautiful, scenic and attractive tourist city of Pokhara.
Issuing a press release, the Board said that the city would now be branded as ‘Pokhara, Pure as Paradise.’ Previously, the city’s official tourism brand was ‘Paradise Pokhara.’
Through the release, NTB informed that Pokhara’s branding was part of the Board’s wider campaign to promote the tourist destinations of the country.
“Branding plays an important role in the development of tourism as it helps introduce a destination to prospective visitors and promotes a place’s nature, society, economy and culture at the national and international levels,” Chief Executive Officer of NTB Dhananjay Regmi said, informing that the Tourism Board would also be branding other tourist sites of the country in the coming days.
Senior Director of NTB’s Gandaki unit Kashi Raj Bhandari shared that Pokhara’s new brand was finalised through extensive consultations with various stakeholders and in coordination with a firm specialising in branding. He hoped that all the levels of government, private sector and media would extend their support to revive domestic and international tourism in Pokhara after the COVID-19 pandemic receded.
Pokhara is the second destination to be branded by NTB. The first one was Lumbini which the Board branded as ‘The birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha.’ 

Source : TRN,