Post-Quake Reconstruction: Over 23,000 Private Houses And 1,000 Classrooms Reconstructed In Makawanpur

Among the private houses in Makawanpur district sustaining damages during the Gorkha Earthquake on April 25, 2015, a total of 22,105 personal residences have been rebuilt so far.

Of the recorded 34,188 beneficiaries of the government grant to rebuild their quake-damaged houses, agreements had been signed with 32,805, according to the National Reconstruction Authority, Project Implementation Unit Grant Management Office in Makawanpur district.

Among those beneficiaries who signed for a government grant, 78 percent have already received the second installment of the grant and 65 per of them have got the third installment.

The government provides a total of Rs 300,000 for the reconstruction of quake-damaged infrastructures in three installments. Bimal Kishore KP of the Project Implementation Unit, Makawanpur district said that 61 per cent of the houses of the people enlisted as a vulnerable group have been rebuilt.

The beneficiaries of the grant who were residing in unsafe areas were relocated and were provided with land for them to rebuild the house, informed KP, adding that 5,575 households were permitted to rebuild their houses in their original places.

Likewise, 1,226 classrooms of 304 quake-damaged schools have been rebuilt so far.

Call for tender has been issued recently for the construction of 132 classrooms of 11 schools with the loan assistance of the Government of Japan and the process has been forwarded for the reconstruction of three additional schools with the loan support of the Asian Development Bank, Badri Bahadur Pathak, Chief of the District Project Implementation Unit (Education), said.

He added that 789 out of 793 classrooms and 70 toilets of 252 of 259 school buildings have already been constructed so far. These structures are being constructed through the School Management Committees.

Likewise, the construction of 278 classrooms of 27 schools out of the 41 schools being constructed with the loan assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have been completed and they have been handed over to the schools concerned. Construction of buildings of 14 schools has reached the last stage.

Construction of a school building with 48 rooms has been completed towards model schools of the Asian Development Bank and it has been handed over while the construction of classroom blocks with 48rooms of three schools has reached the final stages of completion.

Pathak added that agreement has been made through the school management committees and works started for the construction of 217 rooms of 61 schools, 79 toilets and 85 drinking water facilities.

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