President Bhandari Stresses On Public Awareness, Legal Action For Ending VAW

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has called on the sides concerned to spread public awareness and to make arrangements for legal redress along with appropriate compensation to the victims by punishing the perpetrators so as to prevent recurrence of crime and violence against women (VAW).

The President stated this in a message of best wishes she gave on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women today.

In the message, the Head of State said it is the common responsibility of the whole world to establish gender equality by eliminating all forms of violence in the context of no culture, region, society and economy becoming free of VAW.

Stating that the Constitution of Nepal has envisaged a violence-free and just society, the President has stressed on the need for all the sides concerned to be more aware and alert and move ahead towards establishing a society free of violence at a time when the Government of Nepal is committed to implementing the letter and spirit of the constitution.

“Although the law has forbidden social evils, ill practices and superstitious beliefs as witchery, chhaupadi, dowry and the tilak system, still many sisters are facing violence, discrimination and indignity. All sides of the society should be equally active to making the government’s efforts towards banishing heinous forms of violence as domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual misconduct at the work place, acid attack as well as rape fully successful,” the President asserted.

She reiterated that an environment should be created wherein all women will feel self-dignity along with equal participation and leadership role of women for building a violence-free, prosperous and just society. It is necessary to institutionalize gender-responsive governance system through gender mainstreaming in all levels and structures of the state.

The President has also emphasized on the need for the federal, province and local governments to make every effort from their side by managing the required policy, plan, programme and budget for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and for the treatment of the affected people as this pandemic has made the life of children, girls and women more difficult.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,