Raj Devi Temple In Janakpur Decorated Like A Bridal Home

Raj Devi Temple of Janakpurdham is now decorated like the bride’s home with colourful flowers and electric lights on the occasion of the Navaratri of the Dashain festival.
This temple is decorated every year during Dashain.

Raj Devi temple has now become the centre of attraction among the devotees. King Janak had worshipped Raj Devi as a Kul Devi during his reign, making it one of the religious centres of Janakpur.
Devotees from several parts of Janakpur and India start visiting the temple from the first day of Ghatasthapana.

On the second day of Dashain, Bimalendra Nidhi, vice-president of Nepali Congress, reached the temple with his family members and worshipped Rajdevi and Baidhi goddesses. He also extended best wishes of Dashain festival.

Balram Shah, president of Mahavir Youth Committee, which has been managing Raj Devi temple since 1990, said that the committee has managed all the things to decorate the temple and has also programme to sacrifice animals.

Last year, around 8,000 he-goats were sacrificed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier, around 16,000 he- goats used to be offered in the temple, he said.

source : TRN,