Relief Distributed To Melamchi-Helambu Flood Survivors

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The Nepali Congress, Constituency No. 2 Disaster Management Committee has distributed cash support to flood survivors in Melamchi and Helambu municipalities.

A total of Rs. 750,000 was distributed to the flood survivors of Melamchi Bazaar and Talamarang of Melamchi Municipality and Gyalthum Bazaar of Helambu Municipality.

The people whose houses were washed away by the floods in Melamchi and Helambu have been provided cash assistance and whose lands and shops have been washed away will be rehabilitated, said constituency-2 chair Aitman Tamang.

According to him, Rs. 4,000 each was distributed to 46 households in Melamchi Bazaar and Rs. 100,000 was handed over to the ward chairperson in Talamarang. Similarly, a lump sum of Rs. 350,000 was handed over to each ward chairperson for Helambu and Rs. 20,000 was provided to four landslide survivors of Melamchi-5 at the rate of Rs. 5,000 each.

Source : RSS,