Revenue Investigation Office Destroys 72tn Inedible Sugar

The Revenue Investigation Office (RIO) of Pathalaiya has destroyed 72 tonnes of sugar after the Food Technology and Quality Control Office (FTQCO) declared it unfit for consumption.

On the basis of the FTQCO’s declaration, the Department of Revenue Investigation sent a letter to the RIO on March 19, giving it permission to destroy the sugar, said Tanka Pandey, Chief Investigation Officer at the department’s Pathalaiya office. Accordingly, the RIO destroyed the sugar, worth Rs. 6 million, by burying it on Monday evening.

The sugar had been laying in the RIO’s warehouse for over a year and had been tested three other times prior to the most recent test at FTQCO.

The sugar had initially been seized on the suspicion that it entered Nepal illegally from India through the Jaleshwor border point. The Food Import Export Quality Certification Office, Jaleshwor had stated on March 8, 2020 that the sugar was past its expiry date.