Salt Trading and Food Trading start providing discounts

The Salt Trading Corporation (STC) made public its new discounted price list on Thursday, saying that it will sell now food items and LPG gas at a cheaper price.

STC has begun offering discounted rates a week after the government’s budget announcement to provide food items at a 20 percent discount during the period of prohibitory orders.

According to Pankaj Joshi, assistant executive officer of STC, the price of sugar which is Rs 95 per kg has been fixed at Rs 63.20 whereas the price of cooking gas has been fixed at Rs 1,120.

Similarly, flour will be sold at Rs 44 per kg, salt at Rs 16 per kg and soybean oil at Rs 188 per liter, he said.

According to Joshi, a family of five can buy only two kilos of flour, two kilos of sugar, two kilos of salt, one liter of soybean oil and one cylinder of cooking gas in a month.

In order to purchase goods at discounted prices from Salt Trading, buyers are required to submit a copy of their citizenship certificates and the names of family members.

Kathmandu Valley residents can buy food items from Satungal, Kalimati, Koteshwor and Bhaktapur STC branches at discounted prices.

Similarly, Salt Trading has stated that food items will be sold at discounted prices outside Kathmandu Valley as well. However, cooking gas at discounted price will be sold only in the Valley.

Meanwhile, Food Management and Trading Company (FMTC) has also started implementing the Finance Minister’s announcement to sell food items at 20 percent discount during the prohibitory orders period.

FMTC, however, had decided to sell only rice and lentils at a discounted rate. In order to buy rice at a concessional rate, one will have to visit FMTC branches.

A family of five will be allowed to buy only 30 kg of rice and 2 kg of lentils per month at discounted price. Like STC, FMTC has also mandated buyers to submit their contact information and identity cards of family members.