SEE from March 31 to April 12 ( including Exam Routine)

This year’s School Education Examinations (SEE) is scheduled to take place from coming March 31. As per the calendar published by the National Examination Board, the SEE-2079 BS) would be concluded on April 12.

Board Chairperson Mahashram Sharma shared that the examination of compulsory English would be held from 8.00 am to 11.00 am on March 31 (Friday), the first day of SEE. Likewise, on the same day, examinations of compulsory Sanskrit Language, Literature and Compulsory English towards Vedavidhyashram would also take place.

As per the schedule, examinations of compulsory math would be held on April 2 (Sunday), compulsory Nepali and English for non-Nepali students on April 3 (Monday).

As informed, examinations of compulsory Science and compulsory Sanskrit Grammar and Translation would take place on April 5 (Wednesday).

On April 6 (Thursday), examinations of compulsory Social Studies and Farm Management and Marketing, Engineering Drawing, Computer Repairing and Maintenance and Basic Music towards technical stream would be held.

Likewise, there would be the examinations of compulsory Health, Population and Environment Studies, and Karmakanda and Falit Jyotish towards Vedavidhyashram and compulsory Sanskrit Language towards Sanskrit, and Jaliya Krishi and Matsyapalan, Electrical Management and Installment, Computer Networking, Engineering Surveying and Music of Nepal on April 7 (Friday).

On April 8 (Saturday), examinations of all optional subjects towards general and Sanskrit; Veda and Niti Shastra towards Vedavidhyashram and optional math towards technical would be held.

As per the Board, there would be the examinations of option second paper towards general and Sanskrit; all subjects of optional second paper towards Vedavidhyashram; vegetable and medicinal plant production, dairy and dairy production, utilization of electrical energy, database management system, building construction and music technology towards technical stream on April 9.

Examinations of crop production, small ruminant production and management, electronics devise and circuit, water resources engineering and instrument keyboard are scheduled to take place on April 10 (Monday).

Likewise, there would be the examinations of industrial entomology and mushroom, animal health, electrical machine, micro process, highway engineering, music business and programme management on April 11 (Tuesday).

On the last day on April 12 (Wednesday), examinations of floriculture and nursery management, veterinary laboratory technique, industrial installation and maintenance, object oriented programming, estimated costing and super zone and optional subjects (singing, music, band-playing dancing) would be held.(RSS)