“She may not have won the competition, but she has surely won everyone’s hearts”: MNTV Hall of Fame

Kathmandu, Nepal

What is a reality show if not a carousel of human emotions?

Throughout the episodes, we associate with the participants – we share their moments of pain and joy, we get nervous just like they would before the judges announce their score, and jump in joy – just like them to watch them advance.

If somehow, they are unable to advance, we share their pain, often shed a tear or two with them – but in our hearts we know the participant has delivered their best.

Reality Shows also offer a reflection into the amazingness of the human spirit – for example, have you noticed the magical moment when a participant, after having the spot-light on them, automatically loses the nervousness, and delivers a powerful show? That right there is a magical transformation which we cannot usually see elsewhere.

Similarly, MNTV Hall of Fame, a new and unique reality show which is bringing together global musical aspirational personalities via an online platform has been doing the same. In its eight episode, we have shared and lived together the highs and lows of the participants. Take for example, the story of Neha Uprety from Beldangi, Jhapa.

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Born in a refugee settlement camp in Beldangi, Jhapa, Neha is passionate about her musical aspirations. She sings in a beautiful voice, and dreams of becoming an international sensation.

Neha has an encouraging mother who tries to shield her from the pain of the harsh reality they live in – having to flee from her home in Bhutan, Neha’s mother arrived in a settlement camp in Nepal. Neha’s mother is also a single parent, adding further woes within the society she lives in. However, that does not discourage Neha or her mother to help Neha pursue her dreams.

Her mother has left no stone unturned in providing her daughter the training she needs – she trains in classical music from a music teacher, and constantly practices at home.

“I was pleasantly surprised upon learning that I had come within the top-50 in the audition round”, Neha tells us. “I had no idea mother had put me in the competition. I watched myself on TV, and was shy, but then later excited to learn that I had advanced to the Top-25 Challenge Category”.

In the challenge category, Neha sang a beautiful rendition of the evergreen song “Sapana Bhai Aankha Ma”. Despite giving in her best, Neha was unable to advance to the Top-9 category. However, she was able to win the hearts of the judges and the public.

“Neha has a beautiful voice. We were genuinely impressed with her singing – that too at such a young age. She may have been knocked-out, but she has also knocked all our hearts out. We wish her the best”, Abhimanyu Devkota, Nepal-coordinator of MNTV Hall of Fame said.

The judges too shared their good views on Neha’s performance. They also said she has plenty of areas to improve – and encouraged her towards it.

Similarly Chiranjebi Devkota, Chief Executive Producer of MNTV Hall of Fame – II said “The beauty of MNTV Hall of Fame is that it has no barriers – no age restrictions, any Nepali residing in any part of the world can participate. Therefore, we are very happy to promote young talents such as that of Neha Uprety”.

“She has a bright future ahead, and we wish her the best in her musical aspirations”, Chiranjebi Devkota added.

For her part, Neha has promised to work harder in her musical aspirations, and wishes for a guitar in the near future to improve upon her skills.

Her mother has promised to provide that to her too – soon.

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