Short, long term solutions needed for economy: President Bhandari

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has underlined the need for short as well as long term strategy to solve the problems seen in the national economy.

“We are aware of the status of our economy. We have to seek both short and long term solutions to the problems. Although some positive indicators have emerged in economy, they do not seem to be reliable,” said President Bhandari today while addressing the joint meeting of the federal parliament.The President observed that attention of all should be solely directed to development, prosperity and ways to make citizens happy.

She said that all the state organs should operate independently as envisioned in the constitution.

President Bhandari thanked all for entrusting her with the responsibility as the head of the nation or the President for two terms.

Expressing her concern over widening trade deficit, President Bhandari pointed out the need for being serious on production sector and work as per the demand of the present time of globalization.

Source : TRN,