Six detainees escape by breaking police office wall

Six detainees have escaped from the custody of the Area Police Office, Mahendranagar in Dhanusha.The detainees escaped from the custody by breaking the wall of the police office at 3:00 am on Monday morning.

They made a hole on the wall of the custody to escape. Spokesperson for the District Police Office Dhanusha and Deputy Superintendent of Police Pradip Bahadur Chhetri confirmed that the prisoners, who were in the custody under various criminal charges, broke the wall in the southern part of the detention cell and escaped.

Spokesperson Chhetri said that all security mechanisms, including trained dogs and armed police have been mobilised for their search.

He said that an inquiry committee would be formed to investigate into the incident.

The absconders include 30-year-old Binod Kumar Sharma of Kshireshwarnath Municipality-5 of the district, 25-year-old Amit Mandal of the same Municipality-2, 25-year-old Roshan Yadav of the same place, 25-year-old Harideep Singh of Mithila Municipality-2, 28-year-old Roshan of the same Municipality-6 and Shanker Singh, 36.

Among the fugitives, Binod was accused of drug smuggling, Amit was accused of killing while driving, Roshan was accused of indecent behaviour with civil servants, Harideep was accused of manhandling and Roshan and Shankar were accused of tradiing illegal arms.

According to the police, the building of the police office is old and the wall of the detention area was weak, so they broke the bricks and escaped.

As soon as they came to know about the incident, the security personnel have also increased the check on the possible place of escapes and the vehicles leaving the district.

Source : TRN,