Tiger Taken Under Control

A tiger in the Chitwan National Park has been taken under control after it began preying on local people. The tiger in the Belsahar community forest was tranquilized by the Park officials on Saturday evening.    
The tiger had attacked and killed a local man collecting green fodder in the forest the same morning. Jagdish Chaudhary,63, was killed in the incident.    
The male tiger of around 10 years old has been taken under control with the help of the park elephants, staffers, army and police personnel, said information officer of the park Ashok Ram. A tranquilizer shot was used to take the man-eater into control.    
The wild animal is currently kept in a cage at the head office of the park in Kasara. The same tiger had also attacked another person in the same area few months ago.    
The tiger was taken under control to prevent further human casualty, the park authorities said.

Source: RSS, Photo: RSS,