MSOs ban Indian News Channels broadcast in Nepal

The Multi-System Operators (MSO) on Thursday stopped broadcasting of some Indian news channels disseminating news against Nepal’s national and sovereign interests.

After a few Indian media companies started broadcasting baseless, fictitious and deceiving news about Nepal and Nepali leaders, viewers had requested international media distributors like MSO to discontinue broadcasting of Indian media in Nepal.

Dish Home, Mega Max, DSN, Mero TV and the likes have collectively decided to stop broadcasting of Indian news channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News, ABP News and so forth.

According to Sudeep Acharya, Managing Director of Dish Home, broadcasting of all Indian news channels spreading fake news except Doordarshan, owned by the Indian Government, and some business television have been stopped from Thursday itself.

Acharya said that the government should put special efforts in banning all contents which are against Nepal in Internet platforms such as YouTube.

“The government can withhold the ‘downing’ license of Indian channels, he said.