‘Nepalese Voice’ aims to represent a collective voice of Nepalese Community in Australia. Being one of the fastest growing community in Australia and the phenomenal growth in our community in recent years has made a nascence of powerful and persuasive media indispensable. So, therefore, after a long-contemplated vision of our community mentors combining with youth exuberance and approach has culminated into “Nepalese Voice”- The complete community magazine. Our objective is not only to validate and strengthen our own community but also to bridge a gap between the many co-existing groups of the society. We will strive to cover issues that are relevant to the community and provide a forum for discussion and debate. Most of all we will be the voice of those who often get unheard.

Working in conjunction with local government bodies, politicians and community leaders will be as important as it is for us to work with our own community. As we already share the basic human values, we also want to exchange our culture, traditions and beliefs through “Nepalese Voice”.

Nepalese Voice – an introduction: An online news portal with monthly English magazine targeted primarily to the Nepalese community but also to a broader information seeking members of the society. Following the basic principles of journalism- news, views and reviews we, intend to empower and educate our readers with valuable information to lead a quality and meaningful life.

We encourage our community plus broader Australian and other community members from all around the world to participate in this forum by sending your articles, news, blogs, interesting stories and many other interested pieces of materials so we can publish through this mouthpiece of Nepalese diaspora community group in Australia.

We also welcome your constructive feedback, comments and suggestion which we can use in making this news magazine better and quality news portal which ultimately benefit to our community and making the better society where we live.



22 April 2014